viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012

OVNI oscuro, Australia

OVNI oscuro, Australia: Lou20764 Captured this a few days ago, but after yesterdays capture, held off posting it. Watched it for about 30 seconds before filming - dead silent and very slow - no strobes.

UFO's - (Unbelievable daylight sighting) Melbourne AU.

UFO's - (Unbelievable daylight sighting) Melbourne AU. Por Lou20764

Large Disc shape UFO near the Plane.Multiple sightings over Sydney.5.10.2012

Excelente filmaciòn de OVNIs por Lazlo Novak quien comenta: When I filmed the Aeroplane spheres UFO passed high speed near the plane, went in the cloud, then another Large disc shape object passed under the plane super high speed. I slowed down, you can see the object better.I didn't zoom on it this is the original size.