domingo, 7 de junio de 2009

2 Junio 2009, Vienna Austria - Weird sky and Groups of UFOs

June 2, 2009. Vienna, Austria. Today the sky turned totally weird. I never saw a sky with such stange clouds in my life. Later suddenly several groups of UFOs crossed the sky. They seemed to rotate, didn`t look or behave like balloons but were a bit flat and kinda changed shape. But I guess what seemed to be a change of shape was due to the rotation of the objects and because they were not round but a bit flat. I watched two of them who seemed to change their color. One turned from black into green and another one from black into red. I watched one Object which was round but bright like the sun. It moved quickly into the opposite direction. I was not able to catch it with my camera because it happened to quickly. Recently I`ve often seen UFOs in connection with chemtrails but they looked totally different. And I`ve seen an UFO about 25 years ago which was similar to the bright one which I could not record today. I thought I put it on YT so that more people can see it. The day when I recorded the UFOs I didn`t see chemtrails here in Vienna. But perhaps somewhere in suburbs there were chemtrails.
However today I had a feeling that these objects were there to check out the weird sky.

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