sábado, 19 de mayo de 2012

Russian Satellite Stopped by UFOs Mid Air and Stolen

It seems that this was in fact a Russian rocket launch with the mission to bring a satellite up in the orbit. The satellites name was GLONASS-K. The video apparently should be interpreted upside down, as the rocket is pointing upwards. The blinking UFOs seem to stop the rocket in its tracks, then teleport it out of the sky. -That is a rocket caring a satellite; -It is pointing upwards and the fire is from the rocket's engines; -The UFOs brake the satellite in its tracks then bring it to a complete halt; -The satellite is teleported; Read the entire article here: http://HumansAreFree.com/2011/03/four-ufos-eject-from-mothership-to.html Video Credits: SuperGIA007

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